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  • Employees, managers, and directors may be nominated by peers, staff, colleagues, or supervisors for these awards.

  • All nominees MUST be SNA members in the category for the award.

  • All nominees MUST have a SNA Certificate in School Nutrition or SNS Credential.

  • Self-nominations will not be accepted.

  • Additional restrictions can be found on the national SNA website.

Employee of the Year

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Manager of the Year

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Director of the Year

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Kathy Loretta Award

West Virginia Only

West Virginia also has its own special award, the Kathy Loretta Award.  This award is named in honor of long-time SNA member, Kathy Loretta and recognizes a WVSNA member for their abilities to contribute to a child’s wellbeing and chances for a productive healthy future by going the extra mile.

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This award is named in honor of long-time SNA member, Kathy Loretta. During her years in the profession, she devoted her talents to elevating school foodservice along with the people who served children every day to a place of value and importance. Her name is given to this award because throughout her life, she selflessly gave her time and efforts to make a difference in many people's lives. She served as President of WVSNA in 1994-95, Legislative chair for over 10 years, and worked tirelessly to provide education and professional growth opportunities for the members.

The Award

Child nutrition members of SNA recognize their abilities to contribute to a child's well-being and chances for a productive, healthy future by going the extra mile. Examples may be participating in a Team Nutrition grant, taking advantage of classes or workshops to better their skills, or initiating special projects or events at school that children enjoy. The award will be presented to the person who exemplifies Kathy's devotion to SNA and child nutrition by taking a special idea, implementing it, and helping the school's nutrition program grow and make a difference in children's lives.

Who May Apply

Interested persons who are full-time child nutrition school-level personnel and members of SNA may apply for this award. The application requires the county school nutrition director's recommendation attesting to excellent attendance, verification of improved participation, and implementation of project goal.


The winner will be recognized at the annual state conference. A plaque signifying the award will be presented along with a monetary gift.

General Qualifications

The award must be submitted by an individual.

From beginning to end of application process, the applicant must:

  • Be a SNA and WVSNA member;

  • Be employed as a full-time school food service employee;

  • Exhibit outstanding job performance, implement improvement activities and demonstrate a willingness to pursue professional growth.

Project Qualifications

  • Project must be implemented in the current school year as the application.

  • The same project cannot be re-submitted.


January 1  Letter of intent due the state president

March 1      Evidence of project submitted to state president or designee

WVSNA Conference    Display project evidence

Requirements for submission

  • Complete Letter of Intent

  • Official format must be followed

  • Maximum activities allowed- five. Less may be reported.

  • One to three pieces of documentation per 8.5” x 11” page, limit 8 pages in book.

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Faith Gravenmier Scholarship

Faith Gravenmier was the first Child Nutrition Director for West Virginia.  During her tenure, she was able to secure several important policies such as only unitized meals being served, breakfast mandate, and no soft drinks in schools. She was a very effective advocate for children and child nutrition. She believed education and training was critical for the different programs. Under her direction, computerizing the school meals program began. She was a recognized leader across the country and as a result, WV was often the test grounds for different USDA initiatives and new programs including the Summer Foods.  Faith also served as President of the WVSNA during the 1968-69 school year.

 In the late 90s, a fund was established to honor her work and legacy.  The funds would be used to further education and training for those involved in child nutrition. Cooks, directors, and friends of child nutrition contributed.  

Faith Gravenmier Scholarship for Certification / Credentialing

The WVSNA Executive Board has approved scholarships for anyone becoming credentialed and for anyone becoming certified for the first time or moving up certification levels.

Click here for all the details and how to become certified.

Click here to apply for Faith Gravenmier Certification / Credentialing Scholarship


2013-14 Faith Gravenmier Scholarship Recipients